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Cookies Statement

What are cookies?

\ Cookies are small text files sent and stored on a device (computer, tablet, smartphone), when a user is connected to Internet and visits the website of the Statistical Office of the SR (SOSR). These files are very useful, because they make possible to identify a website by user´s preferences. If you visit a website at the same device, a cookie file is indicating for example that you are a repeated visitor. By using the SOSR portal, you agree with storing and using cookies.

How the SOSR uses cookies?

SOSR uses cookies files for computer identification and monitoring the process how users watching the SOSR portal. It allows to improve our website and to adjust them better to user´s needs. SOSR is not using cookies for advertising purposes. Cookies files does not include any personal data and it is not possible to identify a user through cookies at websites of third parties.

If you visit repeatedly the SOSR portal, your connection is faster thanks to cookies. Moreover, the website “identifies” you and offers you preferred information or allows you an entrance or offers a data completion filled in by previous visits of the SOSR portal.

How to control cookies files?

You can change or delete cookies files by own´s discretion – for more details you can see the website You can delete all cookies files stored in your device and most of browsers can be set in order to prevent their saving. But in this case, probably, you will have to adjust manually some settings, each time you visit the website and some services and functions will not work.

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